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NEW EVENT: General Levy + Bonnot @ Vieste (FG) 23.08.2012

BIG FOOT SOUND dopo circa 9 anni di reggae sulla costa garganica ha deciso di festeggiare il suo primo BIRTHDAY BASH a crew completa!!

Quest'evento rappresenta un vero e proprio REGALO alla sua MASSIVE, in collaborazione con l'ULTIMA SPIAGGIA AD INGRESSO GRATUITO assolutamente da non perdere:

BIG FOOT SOUND proudly presents:





After more than 20 years of stage, General Levy will be back with “We Progressive” in Spring 2011!

General Levy, real veteran of the UK urban music scene, grew up influenced by reggae music and black culture. Thanks to his older brother, huge music fan, Paul was enabled to build up a consistent musical culture: from ska to rock steady, calypso to soul music, hip-hop to reggae music. Quickly, he went on writing his own lyrics and created his first sound system, “Third Dimension”, along with friends.

That's in solo and at the age of 19 that General obtains an international recognition, awarded with several prizes: best reggae album, best single for ‘Heat’, and UK premiere MC.
Then his song ‘Incredible’, a world success achieving top ten status in the national mainstream charts, is synchronized in the movies “Ali G Indahouse” and “Seuls Two”.

From the Garance Reggae Festival to the Summer Jam and also the Reggae Sun Ska to the Realbeat Reggae Festival, all have been conquered by the extraordinary live talent of the performer.
His studio collaborations are not less impressive : Capleton and Sly & Robbie and Danakil and Desmond Dekker.

For his new album, General Levy chose to work with several musicians in order to make an eclectic and successful release, between funk, hip hop, jungle and reggae music. “We progressive” counts on the collaboration of original and committed artists such as Balik (Danakil), Big Red (Raggasonic) and Papa Style & Baldas.

Bonnot (also Walter Buonanno) is a composer, a multi-talented musician playing a variety of instruments, a dj, and a producer.
Although he has always been involved in the independent scene, Bonnot has won (when he was only 22 years old) awards like the important S.I.A.E. prize as “The Best Italian Independent Composer in 2005/2006” with “Mi sa che stanotte” by Assalti Frontali – the disc itself won the P.I.M.I.award (Italian Independent Music Award) as the best album of the year at M.E.I.He is a tireless musician both on the stage and in the studio so much
so that he has held over 600 concerts and played for important European Festivals (Holland, France, Switzerland), and in the U.S.A, and for African Festivals as well (in Cape Town) alongside artists such as Noisia, Goldie, Will White (Propellerheads) with his
dj-sets, all thanks to his process of stylistic research and his characteristic taste in music with which he approached electronic music, cutting edge jazz and contemporaryclassical music – the last one being a field in which Bonnot is loved so much that he
took part of very important events.

On April 18th, 2008 he played all the electronic parts for the opening concert of “Lied- you have been lied to” by Nicola Sani at the “Parco della musica” theatre (in Rome), which was recorded by the RAI broadcasting corporation (ContemporaryClassical Music).
On May 28th/29th, 2010 he was asked to write and perform live the electronic parts for the “Parco della musica orchestra” performance with Ars Ludi (drummers belonging to the “Roma Sinfonietta Orchestra”/Ennio Morricone) in order to open the MaXXi Museum in Rome – the new Museum of XX Century Art and of Contemporary Architecture designed by the great architect Zaha Hadid.
Bonnot approached music for the first time at the age of 11. When he was 20, Militant A realized his talent as composer and believed in him.
Bonnot learned all the methods of producing and editing in the Casasonica – the Subsonica’s music studio where Assalti Frontali recorded, produced and mixed two albums in four years.
He studied the jazz and classical double-bass, composition and
electronic music at the Verdi Conservatory in Milan.
As producer, composer, arranger, live musician and studio artist, he teamed up among many others with: Assalti Frontali (who he has been producing since 2005),General Levy (UK), M1 of Dead Prez (NY), Dj Gruff, Mc Coppa (UK), Tino Tracanna (Paolo Fresu Quintet), Ars Ludi, Michele “De Maestro” Ranauro (Casino Royale), and Zubz (South Africa).
Nowdays, besides the concerts with his band “Assalti Frontali”, Bonnot is playing with Tino Tracanna – a great Italian Jazz artist who has been a member of Paolo Fresu Quintet for 25 years – for the “Babel” project, and also withGeneral Levy, one of the first MCs in the Reggae/Jungle history. In 2011 he wrote the soundtrack of the “Mille miglia ad Atene” movie by Andrea Zambelli.
His first reggae riddim – the "THC riddim”, Can.i.bis.records
(February, 2011)- was placed first in, one of the greatest distributors in
Europe, as the 7” vinyl which was bought the most and it had been in the top 10 sales for a month.
Since 2009 he has been teaching Contemporary Electronic Music and Music Production at “Suonintorno”, a school founded by Stefano Bertoli. He recorded for important labels such as “il Manifesto cd”, Warner music Italia/Atlantic, Emi Olanda, Redled Records, Native Rhythms (South Africa).
Since 2008 he has been an Artistic Producer for Alkemist Fanatix
Europe in Europe.

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